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weight loss

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weight loss revolution

Skinny Revolution is literally a weight loss revolution right before your eyes

Many peoples lives have been transformed just from joining the skinny revolution journey

It’s not just an injection it is a lifestyle journey utilizing our experts from health and fitness, eating plans, meal preps and motivational talks from our highly trained therapist

We give you access to your very own membership forum where you can share tips or gain tips

We provide a service of excellence with our own inhouse doctors and nurses who are dedicated to prescribing and supporting your journey

Our programme combines a prescribed appetite suppressant which is only issued to you once a clinical assessment has been authorized by our qualified doctor and an offering of freshly made meal preps delivered to your door to assist in healthy eating plans

A fitness programme using resistance bands easy to use at home are also provided

skinny revolution weight loss

We can now announce our exciting news!!

✨ The Real Housewives of Cheshire star Ampika Pickson, along with her medical team, will be at Clinic No 8 on Friday 17th August to introduce her Revolutionary Weight Loss Plan! ✨

💛 Skinny Revolution is coming to Clinic No 8!! 💛

💛 Exclusive to the Wrexham area!! 💛

If you’re struggling to lose those extra few pounds then this is the plan for you!

🚫 Skinny Revolution stops your hunger pangs

✅ Stabilises your blood sugar levels and metabolism so you aren’t going into starvation mode

❌ Lose the desire for sweet and fatty foods

⚖️ Average client will lose 7lb - 13.4lbs on each course

💰Total cost £250 (£50 deposit required to book)

For more information or to secure your appointment, please call or text,

☎️ 01978 780848

📱 07850421897 or 07912991316

Our 3 week packages

Prescribed appetite surpressant, which is self administered daily by using an eppi pen

Daily exercise for 15 minutes body blitz – programme provided by skinny revolution

Daily mantra’s and positive thoughts with a mind reboot

Podcast advice and updates with therapist using rapid transformation therapy

Total package £250

Additional appetite surpressants are sold a a reduced rate of £180, the amount is determined by how much weight you have to lose