Anti Wrinkle Treatments


Lines can form in between our eyes, on our foreheads and around our eyes. Anti Wrinkle Treatments can be used to reduce muscle activity in this area and smooth the skin, helping you to appear more youthful.

Dermal Filler Treatments


As we get older we lose volume and definition in our facial structures. This can be replaced with dermal fillers to help restore your youthful features 

Bespoke Lip Enhancement


A bespoke treatment with Belotero Lips can add or restore natural-looking volume to your lips, and enhance the curves and the contours to give more definition to your smile.



If you have loose crepey skin which you would like to improve then Profhilo is the treatment for you. It works with your own skin to increase collagen production leading to smoother, firmer and more youthful looking skin.

Chemical Peels


Tackle signs or ageing, rosacea, acne and hyperpigmentation with AlumierMD Chemical Peels.



Your dull, tired complexion can be transformed in a perfectly smooth, glowy canvas and is then a perfect base for make up application.

MesoMe Skin Needling


If you have fine lines and wrinkles and would prefer not to have injectable treatments then skin needling is perfect for you. The treatment uses micro trauma to introduce specific ingredients to the skin to help plump and improve the signs of ageing.

Plasma Lift


Having droopy eyelids is part of the ageing process. You can avoid costly cosmetic surgery with our Plasma Lift treatment. A non-surgical treatment which instantly lifts and tightens the skin.

Plasma Shower


A revolution for acne sufferers. This treatment is completely painless, antibacterial and allows the absorption of molecules into the skin without the need for skin needling.

Semi Permanent Makeup


Do you have a history of over plucking those eyebrows? Or would you simply like to have one less makeup step to do every day? Semi permanent makeup creates definition to eyebrows, enhances the lash line or even provides fresh colour to the lips.

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  • We have a duty of care to build trusted and respectful relationships with our clients so you can make informed decisions based on our knowledge and advice.
  • We are dedicated to the safety and care of our clients and always adhere to correct procedures and maintain current knowledge and skills. 


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