Plasma BT

Advanced Plasma Surgical & Plasma Shower.

Plasma BT is an innovative treatment which uses advanced technology to provide instant, proven results and therefore it is taking the aesthetic industry by storm.


Plasma Lift

Plasma Surgical

As we age we develop changes in our skin including fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, along with hooded eyelids and damage from the sun, such as pigmentation & sun spots. If this is an issue for you then we are pleased to introduce Plasma BT treatments to our clients at Clinic No 8.

If you have ever considered surgical treatment to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or premature ageing then this is a highly effective, safe, non-surgical alternative to other more invasive options. 

Plasma BT

Our Plasma BT Device provides advanced treatments that use focused, advanced plasma technology. 

Plasma is ionised gas which holds an electrical charge. It can be applied to the skin at either high or low atmospheric pressure in order to target many different skin concerns. 

It has a regeneration effect on the skin tissue. Plasma increases collagen production and the elasticity of the skin whilst reducing pigmentation and oil production. The treatment also dramatically increases the absorption of cosmeceutical products, allowing needle-free mesotherapy.

Plasma BT Treatments

Plasma BT is able to perform both Plasma Surgical and Plasma Shower treatments.

Plasma Surgery is a non-surgical treatment which can achieve results which are comparable to surgical treatments and is achieved without cutting the skin or making incisions. This patented Plasma technology removes excess skin by a process called sublimation which leads to tissue regeneration and collagen production.

Plasma Shower is highly effective at acne reduction along with skin regeneration and needle-free meso. The treatment is quick and pain free with no downtime. 

Plasma Surgical - Plasma Lift

Tighten and lift the eye area with Advanced Plasma Technology from our Plasma BT Device 

  • Hooded Eyelids & Eyebags (non-surgical blepharoplasty)
  • Xanthelasma (fatty eye deposits)
  • Scar Reduction
  • Lines & Wrinkles (smokers lines, peri oral lines)
  • Sun Spots (epidermal pigmentation) 
  • Skin Tags, Milia, Moles

Plasma Shower

Plasma Shower is unique to the Plasma BT Device. It is a quick and effective treatment with no downtime.

  • Acne - Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Kills bacteria 
  • Skin regeneration 
  • Needle-free mesotherapy 
  • Skin Tightening - collagen remodelling & elastin production 


Plasma Lift Before & After

After 3 treatments our client was delighted with her results!


Plasma BT FAQ’s

How Does Plasma BT Work?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter and an ionised gas. The Plasma BT Device is an Advanced Aesthetic treatment using patented Plasma Technology. 

The probe creates an extremely accurate plasma arc when placed near the skin. The skin contracts and tightens and collagen production is triggered. 

What Happens During My Treatment?

Plasma Surgical

We will first discuss your current health and any medical concerns and your goals of the treatment, to ensure that Plasma Surgical is the best option for you. Once we have completed a thorough consultation with you we will apply topical numbing cream to the treatment area. This is left on for 30 minutes before we proceed with the treatment which takes approximately 15-45 minutes.

Plasma Shower 

Your skin concerns and goals are discussed during a consultation to ensure Plasma Shower is the best treatment for you. Together we will come up with a bespoke plan in order to address your specific skin concerns. The treatment takes 30-60 minutes

Is It Painful?

Plasma Surgical

Plasma Surgical treatment for skin sublimation is generally a comfortable treatment. Topical anaesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment to numb the area.

However some areas, such as the periorbital area can be slightly more sensitive due to the thinness of the epidermis. You may experience hot flashes in this area.

Plasma Shower

No, Plasma Shower is not painful at all. It is a non-invasive treatmen, you may feel a slight warmth as the probe passes over your skin. 

What Are The Side Effects?

Plasma Surgical 

Immediately after you will see the plasma crusts at the treatment site. These must be kept dry and clear of any lotions or serums for 48 hours. These will last for 5-7 days post treatment. It is important to allow these to drop off naturally with no picking or scratching the dots. 

There is a risk of redness and swelling which may last for 2-7 days. This may feel hot like sunburn and tight. 

You may wear mineral makeup after 48 hours to cover the treatment area. 

Once the crusts have fallen off the skin will appear pink for a few weeks. It is important to protect this skin using a high quality physical sunscreen to prevent pigmentation. 

Plasma Shower 

There are no associated side effects with Plasma Shower treatments. However it is important to avoid touching and contaminating the skin following the procedure. Please do not cleanse or apply any products for 8-12 hours following a Plasma Shower treatment as the skin is still open to absorption. Take care whilst eating and brushing your teeth and ensure you have a clean pillow case after treatment.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Plasma Surgical 

Most people see noticable results after the first treatment although to achieve a result that is long lasting and comparable to surgery we recommend a total of 3 sessions in total.

Plasma Shower

Most conditions require a course of treatments and you should start to notice a difference throughout the course. In order to see long lasting results you should complete your course and may need additional top up treatments to maintain the results. 

How Long Will My Results Last?

Plasma Surgical 

If the recommenced number of treatments are carried out, and the strict aftercare is adhered to then results can last 3-5 years.

Plasma Shower

Most conditions require a course of treatments to see long lasting results and some conditions may need top up treatments to maintain the results.


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