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MesoME digital skin needling in action. The video is provided by the Finishing Touches Group who provide world class training to Clinic No 8.

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see Meso ME skin needling in action. The video is provided by the Finishing Touches Group who provide world class training to Clinic No 8.

MesoME Digital Skin Needling

We have the secret to flawless skin. Gentle Skin Needling allows us to carry out a variety of digital skin treatments. We will stimulate collagen for fresher, healthier skin. In addition, advanced needling can treat medical conditions such as trauma scars as well as fine lines and wrinkles. From plastic GENTLE needles, for a lunch-time skin boost, to a more INTENSE and targeted rejuvenation treatment.

Advanced micro-needling treatments are designed to stimulate the skin, encouraging it to rejuvenate and repair itself naturally, as a result producing smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin. Advanced micro-needling treatments are probably the most effective clinically proven treatment for; acne scarring; photo-damaged and ageing skin; décolleté lines; wrinkles and stretch marks.

This effective treatment is the perfect addition to our range of treatments. The beauty of the treatment is not just in its simplicity but in its effectiveness. This is a safe long lasting results that we are proud to offer our clients.


Perfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin texture and tone.

Meso ME is a gentle skin needling concept and involves hyaluronic skin infusions being delivered into the skin using an 18 point plastic needle cartridge.

The treatments are suitable for most skin types and have minimal trauma and down time. As a result, redness dissipates within 1-2 hours.

Your consultation is free. Treatment costs £70. A course of 8 is recommended for maximum effects. Buy 7 get ONE FREE

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Before and after. Immediately after one treatment at Clinic No 8. Skin lightly red which reduces in a few hours. Fantastic to see the number of fine lines that are reduced immediately . Customer has requested a course of 8 treatments. Cannot wait to see the fabulous results.

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Single treatment



Course of 8

Pay only for 7


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We have had a couple of enquiries asking about the difference between Microneedling and Dermarolling.

This is a really good illustration to demonstrate the differences.

Our amazing new treatment Meso ME Digital Skin Needling is a gentle method of microneedling which has fantastic results for

reducing fine lines & wrinkles &

 improving skin texture & tone

with minimal downtime

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